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Ways to enhance your everyday life, from our family to yours.

husband and wife on couch

Mother Nature can change your life in a hurry

Just as the Demierres were starting to relax during a weekend camping trip, a phone call shattered their tranquility.

electronic car dashboard

Distracted driving is on the rise

Smart tech can mean more distractions when you're driving. 

Student on campus with backpack

What my internship taught me about: Student loans

Is your teen heading off to college and you want to brush up on your student loan knowledge? We have some tips!

Student jogging through campus

What my internship taught me about: Life insurance

Life insurance has a role to play no matter what life stage you’re in. 

Student on laptop in apartment

What my internship taught me about: Renters insurance

Adulting is hard. Let’s make it simple. Here’s how to talk to your adult children about renters insurance.

Man driving car wearing sunglasses

What my internship taught me about: Auto insurance

Here’s what comes after driving away from your parents’ insurance.

Person cleaning our home gutter system.

Wildfire planning safety

Fact: Dryer seasons bring greater wildfire risk, making preemptive planning a must. We’ve gathered some simple tips to help protect your biggest investment…your home.

Man using chainsaw to trim back tree branches

Hurricane safety: last minute simple steps

There is no stopping a hurricane. However, there are steps you can take to help ensure you, your family, and your home are as safe as possible…even if it is last minute.

mom with baby

7 unexpected baby costs

You have all the bottles, bibs and booties, but are you financially prepared for baby?

Man and woman chopping vegetables in their kitchen

Home insurance 101

Not sure you know enough about your home insurance? We can help.

Kurt Bock (CEO) signing letter to graduates in his office

An open letter to recent college graduates

“There is no way I will ever work in insurance!”  Those words came from my soon-to-be college graduate daughter, Rebecca.  That kind of hurt.

labeled envelopes on a table

How envelopes saved me money

Are you a mindful spender or a carefree card swiper?

kid's birthday party decor

6 money-saving tips for your kid’s next birthday party

#TakeSimpleSteps to cut the costs but not the fun at your kiddo’s next birthday party!

grocery cart filled with donations

The life lesson my child will never forget

Knock out two birds with one stone with this charitable birthday party idea. 

girl with notebook standing in front of chalkboard

6 jobs your kids can snag if they love technology

Your kids could turn their tech savvy into a career.


What makes a house a home

We asked 10 people what makes their home special. We got 10 different answers. What would you add to this list? 

Woman and dog

Coverage for your best friend

#TakeSimpleSteps to make sure your fur baby has the coverage she deserves. Just ask Tito.

Toddler looking into toilet

How to potty train your toddler for less than $3000

Potty training a toddler can take a toll on your sanity, but it doesn’t have to take a toll on your wallet. 

Skip the stuff with these 5 gift ideas (psst, they’re NOT toys)

These gift ideas won’t take up space in your home. Yea, you heard us correctly!

family walking across bridge

Are your beneficiaries up to date?

Keep your beneficiaries up to date so your assets go to the people you want.


5 things I look for in a new car as a mom

Having kids changes things, including the bells and whistles you want to come with your car.

Dad with kid

You don’t need a fat wallet to have fun with your kids

Spending quality time with your family doesn’t have to come with a high price tag.

student in college dorm room

Three words of advice for kids going off to college – protect your stuff

Your kids are entering college with a head full of knowledge – and a room full of stuff. Make sure it’s protected.

Budget Halloween costume

DIY Halloween costumes on a dime

Coming up with affordable and clever Halloween costumes for the whole family doesn’t have to be spooky.

In the sandwich of life, don’t be the bologna.

5 tips for the sandwich generation

I’ve been in the sandwich. My mom and my aunt, both in their 80’s, required assisted living – and attention. At the same time, my kids were in high school and required an equal amount of attention.

young girl with dog

Is your family ready for a pet?

Looking for a debate on cats vs dogs? You won’t find it here. We love them both!

kids in front of dorm

Tips for empty nesters

When the kids leave home, is it time to break out the tissues – or the champagne?

Smiling girl with missing tooth

Collecting teeth and taking calls

Parents – give the tooth fairy a break! She’s going broke because of you!

Father, mother, daughter under a hot air balloon

Connecting with your family can be easy, just ask the Rigos

If you build spending family time together into your regular routine, everyone will benefit.

Family watching TV

Turn TV time into family time

Binge-watching is here to stay. Make this a family friendly event by picking one of the shows we’ve researched for you.

Father and son at garage sale

Get the kids involved in your next garage sale

Having a garage sale can go from “task” to “blast” when you get the kids involved!

Colored pencils and coloring book

Between the lines - coloring for adults

Find out why grown-ups are getting back into coloring.

Little girl playing

Fostering imagination

Give your kids permission to dream again.

Door with key in lock

Home security - Is your home an easy target?

Don't let your home be an easy target. Take these security precautions to help lower the risk of a home break-in.

Mother and son doing laundry

How to get your kids to help out around the house

House work should be a family activity. Make chores fun and keep them age-appropriate so your kids can help you keep a busy household running.

Cat in travel crate

How to fly safely with your pet

Flying with your pet may make both of you nervous. We have some tips that can make the experience safe and easy for both of you.

Beach towel, sunglasses, hat and flip flops

Summer fun

It never fails. Summer is four days in and your kids are already bored. We have some ideas to keep them busy all summer long. 

Family in tent

Tech-free ideas for your next family night

Are you ready to disconnect? 7 tech-free ways to rock your next family night

Dog playing with toy

Tips for keeping a healthy home when suffering from pet allergies

Does Fido make you sneeze? Fluffly make you itch?Here are some tips for minimizing your symptoms so you can have all the animal snuggles you want. 

Girl blowing bubbles

5 fun activities on a dime

Looking for stuff to do with the kids without spending too much money? Check out these fun family activities!

Kitchen counter

How to de-clutter your home

Clutter can amass in almost every space in your house, making it hard to feel organized.

Dad and children reading

Make time for your kids every day

We all have busy schedules, and sometimes we can feel more like taxi drivers than parents. Here's a few ways to make every day moments mean more.

Dad and daughter walking in airport

Why your kids should travel

You want your kids to be happy, curious, confident and stress free? Take them traveling.

Family talking at table

Easy ways to talk safety with your kids

Talking disaster planning with your kids can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be scary. Here are some easy ways to talk safety with your kids. 

Feet in socks, hot cocoa, and fireplace

16 safety tips for a jollier holiday season

Holiday season is full of family and fun. It's also a time to make sure you're celebrating safely. Check our out 16 tips that will help your holidays go smoothly.

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