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Zaiser family picking pumpkins
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by Cody Dees

Pumpkin patch college savings

Remember when lemonade stands were a thing? Hot summer temperatures would motivate young entrepreneurial spirits to set up shop and try their best at a little authentic salesmanship.

If you were one of the lucky few who lived in a neighborhood where this proved successful, you might not relate…Most of us who attempted this “easy money maker”, fell a little short on financial success.

What were we missing?

Was there a better business model?

Well, there’s a family in Washington, IL who sparked their children’s entrepreneurial spirits not with lemonade, but with pumpkins…

What started as a resourceful way to decorate their home around autumn, turned into a pretty successful way to save for college that the whole family could get involved in. Check it out:

There’s no denying that sending your children off to college takes a little more planning now than it did back in the day.

This got us thinking…

Are there other “Zaisers” out there who are getting creative with their college savings tactics?

What are you doing to help ensure your child’s future includes a college education? Comment below! 

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