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Curling team
This group knows how to keep work fun
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by Hope Linker

Not your average annual meeting

Every year, Tammy Hanson plans an annual meeting with all employees to discuss objectives, successes, areas of improvement, and goals for the upcoming year. After business is taken care of, they hang up their business wear and let loose. Last year, letting loose meant having a curling competition! Sliding stones on a sheet of ice – targeting an area separated into four concentric circles. It doesn’t sound like your average work meeting, does it?

In an effort to celebrate a tremendous year and reward her hard-working employees, Tammy began brainstorming fun and out of the ordinary social events that could be the concluding part of the annual meeting. Tammy’s son is part of a curling league, so that’s where the suggestion came from.

Not one person on the ice had any curling experience. We can’t help but think that would be amusing to watch! Tammy said, “It was a great teambuilding event. Everyone was out there having a blast and making fools out of themselves. We had the best time and hope to do it again. In fact, we will do it again.”

Eric Duhigg, one of our financial representatives in Fargo said the curling event was by far his favorite part of the meeting. “It was great to spend time interacting with our new representatives and watching everyone struggle to learn a new sport. It helped build teamwork, and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the people you work with.” Tammy’s office assistant, Paula Walter, had a very similar takeaway from the curling event. “Everyone in our agency is pretty competitive, so to watch them use that competitiveness to
work together to accomplish a goal was really fun.  We see this happen with our agency goals as well.  Each rep has their own goals that they strive for, but they are always trying to work together as a team to make sure we meet our goals as an agency as well.  They not only want to succeed individually, but they want to succeed as a group”, Paula said.

So, what’s on the agenda for next year’s meeting, Tammy? Broomball? Race Walking? Handball? No matter what it is, we know you’ll be working together as a team while having lots of laughs.

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