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What is ChorePal®?

ChorePal® is an app that helps parents teach their kids about financial, personal, and social responsibility by rewarding good behavior. Parents can create a chore list for their kids and track their progress easily from their phone. Kids can enter their progress on their own screen and work with their parents to set short and long term goals as rewards, like going to a movie or getting the latest game console. Chores can be assigned a point or monetary value.

What's the difference between assigning points or money to chores?

It’s up to you if you want to assign points or money to chores. If your child is younger and the concept of money is new to them, you may want to use points instead of dollars. You create your own scale for point or dollar values assigned to each chore.

How do I register?

Once you’ve downloaded the app, click on the Register button and enter name and email address. You will then be prompted to add your kid(s) to the app. Click on the Add New Kid button and enter your child’s name and birthday.

How do I share my account?

Everyone in your family can use ChorePal®, as long as they sign in with the same login information. If you want to share your account with your partner, have them download the app to their phone and log in using the same login information you set up originally.

How do I navigate through the app?

You will find navigation options at the bottom of each screen. Select the option you want to move to a different section of the app.

How can I see all of the chores I've created?

Select the carrot next to Today’s Chores and you can toggle between All Chores, Today’s Chores, and Upcoming Chores.

How do I create chores?

To create a new chore, go to the Chores page and press the plus sign at the top of the screen. Enter the name of the chore, assign a child, select the point/dollar value and frequency of the chore, and whether or not the chore needs your approval.

How do I create rewards?

To create a reward, click on the Rewards icon and select the plus sign at the top of the page. Then enter the name of the reward, select the point/dollar value, and create reward.

How does my child log in?

You will need to log in with your ID and password on either your or your child’s smart device. Your account will remain logged in until you log out.

What are age appropriate chores?

Here are some examples of chores that are appropriate for children between the ages of 7-12. Remember, every child is different and you should customize your chore list to your child’s talents, skills, and schedule.

• Make their bed every day
• Walk the dog
• Feed the family pets
• Vacuum room
• Fold and put away laundry
• Take out the trash
• Wash dishes

What will you do with my family’s information?

We will not share your child’s information. We may reach out to you about topics important for your family, but you can always tell us to buzz off and we will. Read our privacy policy to find out more about how we handle your information.

What are examples of short and long term goals?

Short term goals are more immediate. They should be small and easy to reward. Some examples are:

• Trip to the movies
• Ice cream after dinner
• Toy from the store
• Have a friend over for the afternoon

Long term goals will help your child learn to save for something they really want and should be larger in value. Some examples are:

• New gaming system
• New outfit for a party
• New phone
• Tablet or laptop
• Shopping trip
• Vacation

What are badges and how are they earned?

Badges are additional awards given for certain accomplishments, like saving a certain amount of money or completing 5 chores in one day. As your child collects badges, you could surprise them with a reward they aren’t expecting, like matching their savings or making their bed for them one day.

How do I add another parent, relative, or babysitter?

Everyone uses one account/log in for the app. If you would like another parent, relative, or babysitter to use the app, you will want to share your login information with them.

How do I switch users?

Tap on the icon in the top left of the screen to switch to a different user account.

How do I approve chores or rewards?

To approve a chore, navigate to the Approval tab and select the green check to mark a chore as approved. If the chore is not approved, select the red x.

To approve a reward, navigate to the Rewards page and select the Requested tab. You will see any rewards that your child has requested and be able to approve or disapprove them.

We have added a banner for kids and parents that indicates that there are past due chores that need to be completed or approved. Just click on the banner to link directly to these chores.

How do I see my kids' statuses?

Under the Chores tab, you can see all pending, needs approval, and completed chores.

Under the Rewards tab, you can see a dashboard for all kids’ rewards in either points or dollars.

How do my kids request rewards?

After you have logged your child into the app on their smart device, they can request rewards you have created by going to their piggy bank and selecting the reward they want. They can also request money from this screen.

How do my kids see their chores?

Kids can see their chores by selecting the calendar in the upper right hand corner. This will allow them to see today's chores or their upcoming chores.

How do kids view badges, rewards, and their piggy bank?

Kids can see all earned badges, available rewards, and how much money is in their piggy bank by selecting the pig icon at the bottom of their Chore screen.

How do kids see upcoming chores?

From the kid’s chores page, choose the calendar icon in the upper right hand corner. This will allow you to toggle between today’s and upcoming chores. Upcoming chores will show chores for the next 7 days.

When will a monthly chore be assigned?

A monthly chore will appear once a month, starting on the designated day closest to when you create it.
If you create a monthly Friday chore on the last Tuesday of the month, that chore will appear on the upcoming Friday, and then on the last Friday of the month from then on.

How do I keep my child from approving their own chores or creating rewards?

It’s easy. Set up a 4-digit PIN. Here’s how: Go to the “Settings” tab within your Parent account. Click on “Pin Management” and select your 4-digit PIN. ChorePal® will ask for screen confirmation of this number before being able to access the screens to create and approve chores, as well as set up different rewards.

Is there an easy way to differentiate between my kids when assigning chores and setting rewards?

Aside from including your child’s name, ChorePal® now also offers the ability to include a custom avatar for each of your children. When you create or edit your child’s account, you can select an avatar from the list. This icon will then appear on the “Create/Edit Chores” screens as well as on “Create/Edit” Rewards.