Save, Share, Spend

Turn family chores into family fun.

ChorePal® empowers families, teaches kids the value of a dollar, and provides satisfaction for a job well done.

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Financial Sense

Teach your kids the basics of money today and you’ll set them up for success tomorrow. ChorePal® helps kids learn how to set short and long term goals, the importance of saving, and the value of hard work.

How ChorePal® works for you

ChorePal® provides families a modern way to reward working together and saving to achieve goals. You can create and assign chores while rewarding your kids for being responsible.

Run a busy household

A good leader knows how to delegate. Have the kids chip in.

Empower them

Do your kids pick out their own clothes? Then they can fold them too

Involve them

Let your kids select the type of things they would like to earn. If they’re invested in the rewards, they’ll work harder to earn them.

Reward them

Kids can save for extra screen time or a new smartphone. The more responsible they are, the more they can do with their money.

Teach them

Does a clean room = a messy closet? Ask for a redo before giving out the reward.

Turn Responsibility Into Opportunity

The management of day-to-day household chores can help your family build financial relationships and learn to save, spend, and share together.

Discover the Value of a Dollar

Kids will make the connection between hard work and money when they have to save for something they want.

Learn the Importance of Saving

Setting short and long term goals to work towards earning teaches kids the basics of financial planning.

Make Achieving Goals Fun

Once they have saved enough to buy an item, your child will feel the satisfaction of achieving a goal.

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