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Carol Kilgore

Carol Kilgore

Chestnut, IL

"We are so happy we switched. COUNTRY has been very helpful! The service has been second to none."

She was driving her morning commute to work when a deer ran into the side of her gold Pontiac Grand Prix. Carol did all she could to avoid hitting the animal but the deer still hit her driver’s side rear door and her car spun out of control. Carol and her Grand Prix came to a rest facing the opposite direction.

Fortunately, Carol wasn’t hurt in the accident, but her car was stuck in the muddy ditch and had to be towed from the scene. And while the vehicle was still driveable, there was considerable damage to the driver’s side that would have to be repaired.

Carol reported her claim to COUNTRY Financial later that morning. She was given her claim number and was told someone would contact her by the end of the next business day.

The following Monday, the claims adjuster came out to look at the damaged Grand Prix and by Tuesday, Carol had her estimate and check in hand.

“The appraiser even dropped the check off that afternoon. I was able to call the body shop that day to schedule repairs!”

Carol and her husband had only just switched to COUNTRY in 2006, after receiving exceptional claims service when they were involved in an accident with a COUNTRY insured.