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Kenny Gordon

Brenda Prettyman and Kenny Gordon

Kansas City, MO

"The minute COUNTRY got our information, they expedited the claim."

On July 24, 2009, Kenny Gordon got up, went into the kitchen, and discovered someone had been in their kitchen sometime during the night. Cabinet doors, as well as the door from the house to the garage, were all open. The door leading from the garage to the backyard was open also. As he looked around in the garage, Kenny realized they had been robbed.

Kenny and his wife Brenda began taking inventory of their belongings and it became obvious the thief had focused on their valuable tools in the garage. As a hobby, Kenny was a woodworker and kept all his tools there. When they were able to total their losses, they determined the robber got away with around $3,500 worth of tools.

They were renting the house they lived in, but Brenda knew her Renter’s Insurance policy with COUNTRY Financial should still cover their personal property in an instance such as this. She called in the claim on Saturday and was contacted on Monday from a claims representative.

“The minute COUNTRY got our information, they expedited the claim” Brenda said. “As devastating and scary as it was, it showed us our insurance company is on the ball.” Instead of just receiving a check for their loss, Brenda and Kenny opted to have COUNTRY use a replacement service to get back what had been taken.

“We started receiving our new tools within one to two weeks! Kenny was so impressed – And it’s hard to impress my husband!”