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Barb Baurer

Barb Baurer

El Paso, IL

"We were fortunate my father had a COUNTRY Life policy that gave us choices."


Barb Baurer remembers the day like it was yesterday. She was only 10 when her 42-year-old father died in the hospital from complications caused by a tractor accident on their family farm near Deer Creek, Illinois.

Now Chief Operating Officer at COUNTRY, Barb has two brothers who were ages 13 and 7 when their father died. At the time of the accident, their mother clearly explained to them what their father's death meant for the family.

"If I continue to stay home, we can get by because your dad had life insurance, but you won't have a lot of extras," their mother offered. "Or, I can look for a teaching job which means I won't be here when you get home at the end of the school day. What do you want me to do?"

"It was traumatic and we were really too young to understand the pressure mom was under at the time," explained Barb. "Mom was 39, had never worked outside the home and all of a sudden she faced the death of her husband. She was left alone to raise us."

"We were fortunate my father had a COUNTRY Life policy that gave us choices," Barb added. The life insurance policy, along with their mom's teaching salary, allowed all three children to get a college education. It also helped keep the farm in the family so Barb's seven-year-old brother could start farming it again years later when he turned 30. "My father's foresight to buy life insurance made a big difference in our lives. It provided options for my family that we would not have had otherwise."