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The case for crop insurance

Why farmers should keep casting their safety net and include Crop-Hail coverage

Feb. 13, 2017

Some farmers who have fallen on hard times may consider dropping their Crop-Hail insurance for 2017, but industry experts would advise otherwise. Most specialists believe Crop-Hail insurance is a key component to the success of our country's agricultural economy as well as to a farmer’s safety net.

What it does

The coverage provides protection against hail, wind, fire, lightning, vandalism and malicious mischief. Experts say going without Crop-Hail coverage could be detrimental to an already struggling operation.

“Chapter 12 farm bankruptcy filings rose last year. Financial troubles are happening to grain farmers all across the Midwest—so now is not the time to pass on coverage,” said Doug Yoder, crop agency manager for COUNTRY Financial. “These bankruptcies show just how financially distressed some family farmers really are, yet cutting Crop-Hail insurance could only increase their risk.”

Three reasons farmers should consider Crop-Hail coverage

1. A Crop-Hail policy offers certain coverages that a federal crop policy does not

2.  A Crop-Hail policy offers stored grain coverage, additional replant coverage and tornado cleanup coverage

3. A Crop-Hail policy also covers wind, fire and hail damage, which is not covered by a federal crop policy

Illinois is the second largest corn producing state in the United States and COUNTRY Financial is the number one crop insurer. Having affordable risk management has enabled the state’s farmers to meet the demands placed upon them while also making them feel financially secure.

“These are serious farm debt times, the distress in the grain sector is real,” Yoder said. “Crop-Hail insurance often serves as the biggest safety net because it offers widespread coverage for farmers. They sleep better at night knowing that should the unexpected happen, they’ll have the financial security to stay in business and go on to plant the next season.”

Crop-Hail Providers

Whether farmers are looking for comprehensive Crop-Hail insurance or a specialized Federal Crop Insurance policy, insurance providers can work with them to create a customized coverage plan to fit their specific farm operation.

Farmers can find a local crop representative in their area who will provide them with the best risk management solutions for their operation. Discover more about the need for Crop-Hail insurance at

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