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Are you protected against All Hollow’s Eve disasters?

Halloween horrors and your insurance coverage

Oct. 19, 2017

Do you know what’s really frightening about Halloween? It’s not the costumed witches, vampires or goblins that creep along your neighborhood’s streets, but it’s the possibility of a frightening Halloween night mishap happening on your property.

Do tripping and slipping on decorations or costumes come to mind? They should, and the possibility is frightening. Halloween accidents can cause big scares and drained pockets for unprotected homeowners.

The Insurance Information Institute (III), says your insurance coverage could step in during a number of All Hallows’ Eve troubles.

The following is a list of how your policy may kick in to cover you, however please remember to review your specific homeowners insurance policy to be sure or consult with your insurance agent.

Neighborhood kids are “egging” you on

Halloween isn’t just about fun and games, there’s some bad news about the day. Vandalism spikes around the holiday each year. But here’s the good news, your standard homeowners and renters insurance policies may provide coverage for vandalism.

Assuming the damages cost more than your deductible, your home or possessions that were hit could be financially protected. Even more, if vandals damage your car in the process, you could be covered under the optional comprehensive portion of your auto insurance policy.

Your jack-o’-lantern starts a fire

Consider this . . . your home catches fire when someone kicks over a jack-o’-lantern. If that burning pumpkin causes a fire to breakout, you would likely be covered. That also means if your home is deemed unlivable because of the damages—your policy may even cover your living expenses while you wait for repairs.

That said, remember to keep your candles and matches out of reach from small children. No need to temp curious kids.

A ghoul gets hurt on your property

Fog machines, costumes that restrict vision and nighttime can create a dangerous mix. Injuries to trick-or-treaters or your party guests would typically be covered by the homeowner liability portion of your policy. Under these circumstances, the injured trick-or-treater or guest may file a claim with your insurer. In order to prevent accidents, keep your porch lit and your walkways free from decorations and debris that could cause trick-or-treaters and guests to trip and fall.

You crash your car while avoiding a trick-or-treater

This type of accident would typically be covered by the collision portion of your auto insurance (if you have it). If you hurt anyone, the liability portion of your auto insurance would potentially cover the cost of their treatment. 

Your dog bites a trick-or-treater

Groups of kids, especially masked ones at your doorstep could very well frighten your dog. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), dog bites and other dog-related injuries generally accounted for more than one-third of all homeowners insurance liability claim dollars paid out in 2016, costing more than $600 million.

While rules vary per state, homeowners insurance policies typically cover the liability and medical expenses related to an accident in your home. However, keep in mind dog owners are potentially liable for injuries their pets cause if they know their dog has a tendency to bite.

To avoid this potential Halloween tragedy altogether, keep pets locked in a separate room or cage while trick-or-treaters are visiting. Also remember to check your coverage to ensure you’re covered in the case of any and all of these Halloween mishaps.

It’s better to be safe than sorry! Refreshing your knowledge on where your coverage kicks in or falls short could be beneficial in the event of an accident. Here’s to hoping your Halloween is full of treats, not tricks.

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