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Crop Hail Dividends

Crop hail policyholders to receive more than $1.7 million in dividends

Nov. 30, 2016

COUNTRY Financial® will return in excess of $1.7 million in dividend payments to more than 10,000 crop hail customers in Illinois.

Come 2017, policyholders will receive an 11.18 percent dividend based on the premium they paid on their 2016 crop hail policy. The amount of each dividend check will vary depending on the amount of crop hail coverage each policyholder had during the 2016 crop season.

The payout illustrates the extended value COUNTRY Financial offers with crop hail insurance.

“What a great way to end a favorable fall for Illinois farmers,” said Sheri Bane, vice president of Commercial/Agribusiness Underwriting at COUNTRY Financial. “Our continued financial strength and favorable weather made this dividend possible.”

COUNTRY Mutual Insurance Company® is the largest crop hail insurer in Illinois, providing crop hail protection to more than three million acres of Illinois crops valued at approximately $1.9 billion.

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