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Simply Drive promotes teen driving safety

Studies show car accidents cause more teen deaths than suicides and homicides combined

October 15, 2014


The most dangerous time for a driver on the road is during the first 12 months after they receive their driver’s license, according to the National Safety Council. In fact, the crash rate is twice as high for 16-year-old drivers than drivers age 18 and 19. Because of this, the COUNTRY Financial® group wants to educate teenagers of the dangers of distracted driving and offer an incentive to teenagers who agree to simply drive.


“Inexperience coupled with distraction is a teen driver’s worst enemy,” said Brian Clark, auto research and development coordinator for COUNTRY Financial. “It’s important that we educate young people on the dangers of distracted driving and be role models when it comes to paying attention behind the wheel.”


In conjunction with National Teen Driver Safety Week, which runs Oct. 20-24, COUNTRY Financial is encouraging teenagers to complete a short course on driving safely at and sign a Family Driving Agreement. In exchange for completing the Simply Drive course and signing the driving agreement, teen drivers may be eligible to save money on their auto insurance.*


Why this program is so important:

  • Nine people are killed and 1,153 are injured in distracted driving accidents every day (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).
  •  More than 4,700 people are killed each year in auto accidents involving a teen driver (National Safety Council).
  •  Car accidents cause more teen deaths than suicides and homicides combined (National Safety Council).


COUNTRY Financial developed the Simply Drive program in 2009 after a spike in the number of fatal accidents involving teenagers who were distracted while driving. The program encourages parents to talk to their teen drivers about the dangers of distracted driving and offers a reduced auto insurance rate as an incentive.


“We wanted to find a way to join the conversation about safe driving and it seemed fitting to educate teens through a safety course and also give them an incentive to take it,” Clark said. “It’s an important subject, and we want all young drivers to know the risks.”


The Simply Drive program also supplies educators with safe-driving training materials to help students learn about the importance of staying focused on the road.


For more information, visit or watch the Simply Drive video.


Be a part of the change, #SimplyDrive.

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