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COUNTRY Financial® closes 75 percent of reported storm claims, to pay over $65 million to customers

December 5, 2013


COUNTRY Financial claim adjusters are working around the clock to help customers rebuild following the deadly storm outbreak impacting multiple Illinois communities on Nov. 17. In the two weeks following the storms, COUNTRY adjusters closed 75 percent of the 4,717 reported auto and property claims.

“When a customer buys an insurance policy from COUNTRY they buy a promise we will be there for them in their time of need. Being able to close three-fourths of all reported claims in about two weeks shows how committed we are to keeping that promise,” said Tom Tracey, director of property and material damage claims for COUNTRY.

“Adjusters will continue to work night and day in the impacted areas until the remaining claims are closed,” Tracey said.

COUNTRY expects to pay over $65 million to customers to cover reported auto and property storm losses.

“Because of our financial stability, we are able to get claim checks into the hands of our customers in a very quick timeframe,” Tracey said.


Breakdown of reported claims

December 5, 2013
  • Of the 4,717 reported auto and property claims COUNTRY received since the storms hit, 3,708 are reported property storm claims and 1,009 are reported auto storm claims.
  • Adjusters closed 3,520 storm claims, or 75 percent of the total reported storm claims.
  • COUNTRY expects to pay over $61 million to cover property storm claims and about $4 million to cover auto storm claims.