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COUNTRY Releases Estimate of Minnesota Storms

June 3, 2008

Almost 600 COUNTRY Financial clients in Minnesota reported damage as a result of the recent storms and a tornado which tore into the areas surrounding Minneapolis-St. Paul May 25. COUNTRY estimates losses will top $4 million. The cost estimate could change as claims continue to be reported.

The tornado ripped through the northern part of the Twin Cities metro area, killing one person and seriously injuring at least eight others. High winds and hail caused damage across the area as well, knocking out power and destroying dozens of homes and businesses.  

“Our claims representatives got to work right after the storm ended,” explained Tom Tracey, director of field claims. “We also brought in extra people to handle the high number of claims. We are focused on helping COUNTRY clients recover as quickly as possible. ”

The fatality and the most severe property damage happened in Hugo. The tornado touched down for a matter of seconds, but it was on the ground long enough to destroy property, uproot trees and knock out power.

COUNTRY clients still needing to report damage should contact the 24-hour COUNTRY Helpline® as soon as possible, toll-free at 1-800-846-0100.

“The Helpline® is the best way to report claims,” adds Tracey. “Once a client calls, the recovery process begins immediately.”

When reporting damage, clients should be prepared to provide a description of all damage they can see. This helps claims representatives categorize the severity of reported claims.


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