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What does owning your future look like?

The Own Your Future Challenge

When you were small, your dreams were big. But somewhere along the line, we stopped allowing ourselves to think "what if," and we started thinking "if only." When did we let the everyday get in the way of someday? 


Your goals are unique. Whether you see yourself traveling the world, growing your family, building your home or getting an education for your children, you need to know where you want to go so you can start taking steps to get there. 

We can help you on your path to owning your future, wherever the path may lead, and help you put a plan in place to get you there. 

Challenge Winners

Our 2016 Own Your Future Challenge was a way for us to interact with people across the country, to find out what their goals were for the future, what they were saving for, and what they felt they needed to do to help protect what mattered most to them. 

We had four Own Your Future Challenge winners in 2016. See how we surprised the winners and got to know the families and their hopes for the future. 



Kobe Smith

Kobe Smith and his family were our first Own Your Future Challenge winners! We surprised Kobe with a visit to present a check for $10,000, which Kobe is giving to his brother and his local school.

Emmy Susanka

Emmy Susanka and her family won the second round of our Own Your Future Challenge with Emmy’s heartwarming video entry. We surprised Emmy at her school to present her with a check for $10,000, which she is using to take her and some classmates on a trip to China!

Heather Savka

Heather Savka and her family won the third round of our Own Your Future Challenge. We surprised the Savkas at their home in Crown Point, Indiana with a check for $10,000. Check out how the Savkas will use the money to help Own Their Future.


Chris Gaura

Chris Gaura and his family won the fourth and final round of our Own Your Future Challenge. We surprised Chris at work with a check for $10,000. See how the Gaura family will use the money to help Own Their Future. 

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