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Women In Networking

Winning with WIN!

Your one stop shop for development, learning, empowerment and relationship building to help you establish a successful career with COUNTRY Financial.

Who We Are

Women in Networking (WIN) arranges successful female representatives to serve as mentors.

WIN Mission

To be a forum which brings COUNTRY Financial female representatives together to:

• support one another through mentoring
• explore opportunity areas
• capitalize on our strengths and
• create strategies to develop within our chosen career paths.

We will leverage our female representatives’ many talents and skills to support corporate goals while fostering a culture which values contributions.

Guiding Principles

In keeping with our Vision, To Be the Best Provider of Financial Security in America, the WIN focus and guiding principles include:


Creating a confidential and supportive environment. We support each other's varying needs, preferences, demographics and diversity in an inclusive environment. We promote our diverse talents and work experiences to spark creativity and ideas for future success in this ever-changing marketplace.


Recognizing and developing future leaders who bring diverse values and perspectives to the organization. We help develop female leaders who foster a positive, supportive culture and create inclusion through commonality and shared goals.


Generating opportunities for personal and career development. We share, learn, and assist one another in reaching goals, promoting education, mentoring and developing leadership skills.


Building opportunities to enhance, demonstrate and solidify the COUNTRY Vision to "Be the Best Provider of Financial Security in America." We position ourselves as a respected resource and a partner in excellence, providing valuable input and insights based on the experiences of women.

Getting Involved

WIN is meant to pair newer representatives with a successful counterpart to share best practices, support and foster an engaging learning environment.

Mentor and Mentee Program

Select a Mentor

Upon joining COUNTRY Financial, each female representative has the option to choose a field mentor. New representatives will have the opportunity to choose a mentor based on their provided bios. This is done in an effort to foster an engaging mentorship.

Being a Mentee

WIN mentors offer support for new female repersentatives right from the beginning of their career in various ways – answering questions, supporting with networking, helping to identify professional development opportunities, and much more!

WIN Chats

Every two months we have scheduled calls led by a member of the WIN board of directors to enhance the development of representatives at COUNTRY Financial. These calls have different topics meant to help you build and develop a solid book of business to be successful in your career.

Topics such as:

  • Cultivating long term relationships that foster referrals
  • Managing your work-life balance
  • Creatively marketing to diverse or niche segments and establishing a deeper understanding of products and services to help you engage confidently with your customers.


Learn More

Interested in learning more about our WIN program or interested in speaking with a recruiter? Contact a recruiter or apply.