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Dates and Deadlines

Mark your calendar with these important dates and deadlines to help you manage your crop insurance effectively.

Illinois Agribusiness Seminar Dates

Our seminars are just one way we help you keep up to date on what's happening in the industry. View our list of Illinois Agribusiness Seminars.

Hot topics for Agribusiness Seminars

Crop Insurance Update (Includes Soil Type Plus and Hail enhancements)

Doug Yoder, COUNTRY Financial Crop Agency Manager
Various COUNTRY Financial Crop Specialists

This session will include 1) an update on changes to the Federal Crop Insurance program for 2020; 2) A recap of the unprecedented 2019 crop insurance year; 3) Our private product, Soil Type Plus, designed to enhance your federal crop coverage; and 4) Enhancements to our private crop hail coverage and endorsements for 2020. 

Precision Ag Crop Insurance Reporting

Andrew Mizell, COUNTRY Financial Competitive Intelligence Analyst 
Various COUNTRY Financial MyAgData Representatives

Learn about the technology we offer as it relates to reporting for your Federal Crop Policy via your Precision Ag Data. You've invested in Precision Ag Equipment to help analyze and manage your operation. Using this data to report for your Federal Crop policy can be more accurate and it's just another way to find value in your technology. Demo the COUNTRY Crop Mobile app and see how easy it is for you and your COUNTRY Crop rep to utilize your farm's data. 

Farm Bill Update

Doug Yoder, COUNTRY Financial Crop Agency Manager

This session will provide farmers and landowners the information they will need to make their elections for the new farm bill. This update will include changes to the ARC and PLC options, PLC updated yields, enhanced enrollment flexibility, sign-up deadlines, and illustration on how to use the University of Illinois’ farmdoc ARC/PLC Tool.

Drones (and putting our numbers to work for you)

Brad Clow, COUNTRY Financial Crop Operations Manager
John Howell, COUNTRY Financial Crop Claims Senior Adjuster
Various COUNTRY Financial Crop Claims Adjusters

Learn what an aerial view of your crops can provide and how the crop team is helping our clients identify other crop needs. Our drone program is a time-saving tool for adjusters and provides security and a first-hand view of damage/non-damage for the farmer. 

Market Outlook

Joe Camp, AgriVisor
Karl Setzer, AgriVisor

This presentation will offer a grain price outlook and recommended marketing strategies. Discuss U.S. and global grain production, trade, processing, and feed usage prospects for 2020. Hear AgriVisor's Top Tips for Successful Marketing and learn about how Illinois Farm Bureau Members and COUNTRY Crop clients can benefit from resources offered by AgriVisor.

Important Deadlines

Sales Closing Deadlines

March 15: Spring seeded crops
September 30: Fall seeded crops

Acreage Reporting Deadlines

July 15: Spring seeded crops
December 15: Fall seeded crops

Production Reporting Deadlines

Spring seeded crops

February 15: Area Plans
April 29: Individual Plans

Fall seeded crops

August 31: Area Plans
November 14: Individual Plans

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