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Clothes in suitcase
Travel like a boss
posted in: Lifestyle
by Jenna Allen

Travel hacks for adventurers

Even a seasoned-pro can learn something from our travel hack list.

Check in early. Use TSA PreCheck or Global Entry to avoid the lines.

Book two one-way flights. One-way flights have better deals than most round trip tickets. 

Clear your search history and cookies. Browse anonymously for cheaper airfare.

Prepare for the overhead bins. Pack a squishy carry-on that will squeeze into most overhead bins.

Arrive and depart. Skip the line at arrivals and instead grab a taxi from the departure area.

Keep the jet lag at bay. Did you know alcohol and caffeine can make jet lag worse? Hydrate before, during and after your flight to minimize the symptoms.

Don’t fold it, roll it. Rolling your clothes lets you fit more in your suitcase.

Use your resources. You can use the USB port in your hotel room’s TV as a charger if you forget yours.

Put breakables sunglasses and/or jewelry in your shoes. This will keep them from getting lost or damaged in your luggage.  

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