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You don't have to leave home to go on vacation
posted in: Lifestyle
by Jenna Allen

Treat yourself to a staycation

It’s amazing how fast paced our lives have become, and yet, with a secure future you can take a moment to breathe. And “staycations” are a great way to recharge without having to shell out for an expensive getaway.

Ways to make your "staycation" fun

Set a “start” date. Just because you’re not hopping in the car or on a plane, doesn’t mean you can’t have an official start date. This is when you stop checking work emails, cancel all outside plans and put off all the chores (you might want to get all your laundry, cleaning and errands done before this date so you’re not tempted to cheat!)

Set your budget. Are you going to go to restaurants, order in, or make pre-made meals for the week Are you going to treat yourself to a spa day, or pamper yourself at home for cheap? Figuring out at least some of your plans up-front means you can set aside some money for it, so you can make the most of your time at home.

Set your schedule. Whether you lounge around the house, have a movie night, go to the theater or camp in the backyard, your staycation can be as spontaneous or as scheduled as you like. After all, it’s your vacation. Need a few ideas? Check out our summer boredom-buster list.

The most important thing to focus on? Having fun. The hardest part of a “staycation” is not falling into the routine of being at home. Think of the most stressful chores you have, and put them on pause until the end of the staycation. Commit to being present in the moment with your family, and make some memories that will last you until your next “staycation.

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