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Building your brand online just got personal
posted in: Lifestyle
by Jenna Allen

Sharing yourself(ie) with the world

If you’ve known COUNTRY Financial® for a while, you may have joined us on our journey as we revamped our brand and shifted the way we talk to our audience. We believe in the same values, but now (we hope) they clearly shine through in everything we do.

Why is this relevant, you ask? Because your personal brand is just as important as a company’s brand. It’s how the world sees and speaks to you.

I’m a voracious social media consumer with over six different types of social accounts, but I’m just going to focus on Instagram and Facebook. These are very different platforms, so leveraging different types
of media on each is important for interaction purposes. Here are some important tips that can help you get the most out of these media channels.

Tip #1 – use Instagram to fuel your passion, find inspiration,  and connect with others who have the same interests.

On my Instagram, I am first and foremost a social justice warrior. The brands I follow are all built for a cause, and I’m an ambassador for a number of them. The more I interact with those brands, the more others emerge asking me to follow them too. Secondly, this is a platform where I post yoga pictures, which links me to other yoga practitioners and fitness fanatics. Almost without realizing it, I’ve cultivated an image of myself to my Instagram community, of someone who protects wildlife, loves to escape into nature, explore and travel, and also does yoga. Post what you know and love, and you’ll draw a number followers that have the same interests.  Hashtags rule on Instagram so use ones that align with your passions, and you’ll meet like-minded people in no time.

 Tip #2 – use Facebook to connect with, motivate, and interact with family and friends.

Facebook offers a variety of different media options. YouTube or live videos, memes, photos, articles, status updates, and brand ads all fill up a newsfeed. When it comes to Facebook, base your posts around who you want to communicate with.  According to a recent article by Zephoria Digital Marketing, the average Facebook user is 25-34 years old. Facebook is a great platform for provoking conversation, empowering people, and posting photos and videos  that evoke emotion and educate.

Tip #3 – use both platforms cautiously.

You may not be able to get to know a person just by glancing at their social media, but you can definitely get a very good idea of the type of person they are. That’s why it’s good to be aware of the type of content you’re sharing with the world. You don’t always know whose reading it, especially if your profiles aren’t private. More and more companies are looking at social media accounts when considering a candidate for a job opening so think twice before you post.  Be sure to scrub, delete, or hide anything that a potential employer may find questionable.

Interested in exploring other social media channels? Our social guru, Hope Linker, has some quick tips for you. 

  • Twitter is all about live moments. If you want people to follow you, keep your posts brief and timely.
  • LinkedIn is used to make and keep connections on the business world. Gain followers, post articles and offer information that others in your industry will find relevant.
  • Snapchat is primarily a one-on-one conversation and is typically used for sharing instant moments with friends and family.
  • Pinterest is your mobile mood board. Pin what you like so others with similar interests will follow.

How do you share yourself with the world? What platforms do you use, and how do you think people view you?  

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