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Help your kids plan for their next trip.
posted in: Lifestyle
by Sam Polczynski

It doesn’t cost the world to see the world

Traveling is expensive.  And I’m sure if you have a college student studying abroad or going on a post-graduation trip, you might be worried about how much money they might spend.  Because visiting another country or taking a plane trip will cost a pretty penny…or will it? 

As a college student who loves to travel, I’ve picked up many tricks.  Here are my top suggestions to help save money for even more trips this summer!

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Buy your tickets early.

Everyone knows to search for the best price, but not everyone knows when to do it.  After comparing various articles, blogs, and travel sites, it seems they all have a consensus:  have your traveler buy their tickets around 70 days in advance.  Following this tip will be your TICKET (get it) to a cheaper trip! 

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Clear your browsing history.

One trick I picked up from my friends that do yearly international trips is to clear out your history when looking at trip information.  This will prevent search engines from saving this data and only presenting you the most expensive tickets when you want to actually purchase them.

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Start with big meals

Many places, especially in Europe, put more importance on a bigger (and healthier) breakfast and lunch.  If you take this line of thought everywhere; you will save money on dinner when food is typically more expensive.   

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Check for available tours.

When I traveled throughout six different European countries, my group worked with an international tour company to get the best pricing with different tours.  Doing group packages tends to save you more money than doing it ala carte style and they are more
customized to what you want out of your trip!

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Utilize public transport.

To save costs that really pile up, make sure you use services like public buses, subways, ferries, and others. While taxis and Uber make solo travel more convenient, the bills from
them stack up to a hefty charge.

These things have helped me a lot during my travels as a college student, and hopefully they can help you prepare whoever might be traveling in your family.  These simple steps to traveling make this pastime a lot easier to accomplish and less daunting of a feat. And who knows, with the saved money maybe you can go visit your college student or this may allow them to travel even more. Wanting a trip closer to home?  Get tips on road trips and staycations! For more tips on how to travel efficiently, check out this COUNTRY Connect article.

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