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Keep your identity close, and your passwords closer
posted in: Lifestyle
by Jenna Allen

You only have one identity - get proactive to keep it safe

We live in a connected world, where our bank accounts, our addresses, even our identities are online and can be vulnerable. It can be easy to blame identity theft on anonymous hackers and think that our personal information will never be at risk, but being safe means being savvy, and understanding how you can protect your identity.

Identity theft can happen in a number of ways:       

  • Mail stolen from unlocked or open mailboxes      
  • Computer hacks due to poor privacy settings
    or firewalls   
  • Dumpster diving for proprietary information
  • Purchasing fraudulent identities on the black market

It can seem overwhelming, but there are ways that you can keep your identity safe and minimize your risk for identity theft:      

  • Shred any mail you’re discarding, and have mail held when you’re out of town       
  • Review your credit reports often for any anomalies, and check your bank statements regularly     
  • Create strong passwords, never use your birthday, and try to use different passwords for different accounts

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