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Take them around the world
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by Jenna Allen

Why your kids should travel

Parents may want to limit travel with their kids for a number of different reasons, from expensive accommodation to kids being too young to appreciate or learn from the experience. But travel can be good for kids, of any age, whether they have just learned to walk or are soon off to college.

Reasons your kids should travel

Travel lets kids be explorers. Whether you take them on a road trip one state over, or fly them half-way across the world, you’re giving your kids access to sights unseen and roads untraveled. Letting them explore parts of the world, even if it's the national forest just outside of town, gives them a chance to meet people with different views, opinions and expressions, and learn something in the process.

Travel gets kids learning. From surf to swimming lessons, horseback riding on the beach to camel rides in the dessert, your kid’s curiosity leads them to new skills and experiences when they travel. Even if it’s their first time in the ocean, learning how to jump the waves and brave the water gives them a sense of adventure.

Travel gets kids active. Walking along the beach to collect shells, running in and out of the ocean, paddling in the hotel pool or chasing their siblings up and down main street; your kids are going to be more active when you travel. Especially if you confiscate smart devices, you can encourage them to tap into their natural curiosity.

Travel can help destress. When everyday stressors stay with us, from a bad day in the office to a long day at home, this stress can sometimes leak out into our interactions with our children. A vacation is a good way for the entire family to get away from the stress of everyday life and relax. Even just unplugging (switching off all your electronics) and being present in the moment can help you feel a little more connected, and little less stressed.

Travel gives kids a sense of awe and wonder. Whether you take them to the local state park to see a waterfall, one state over to see a glacial lake or to the coast to see the ocean; kids need to feel a sense of wonder just as much as we do.

We know vacation time isn’t always easy to come by, but even if your next vacation is more of a staycation, camping in the backyard and teaching your kid how to read the stars can achieve the same set of results, without the big budget.

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