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Family in tent
Ban the gadgets, increase the fun
posted in: Family
by Jenna Allen

Tech-free ideas for your next family night

If your family is constantly glued to one screen or another – tablet, phone, or TV – it’s time to cut the cord and unplug for your next family night. Add a little variety and freedom from technology with these easy ideas.

7 ways to unplug your family   

  • Camp in the back yard – pile cushions and blankets on the trampoline or in a kiddie pool if real tents are not available.
  • Camp out in the living room – try pillow and blanket fort building together.       
  • Bake (or cook) – make individual pizzas, sundaes, or decorate cupcakes.
  • Stargaze – you don’t have to know the names of the constellations to enjoy the night sky.
  • Craft night – it can be as simple as buying ready-made kits from the store.
  • Read a book – have one person read aloud, or take turns reading to the group.
  • Family draw – either drawing together on separate paper or create one big masterpiece.

Technology has made our lives smoother, but it can also create a gap in our communication, especially with kids. Making time for your family is important, even if you can’t manage it every week, and having unplugged family nights means you can create real connections with your kids. 

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