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Kids come with stuff, and lots of it. And that’s just one reason my new car “wish list” has changed.
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by Christy McFarland

5 things I look for in a new car as a mom

What I look for in a new car has changed ever since I became a mom. Here’s my updated “wish list” I use when shopping for a new ride.

1. Roomy

People probably wonder why I turned in my small car for a crossover SUV when I only have one child. Two words: car seat. Trying to get my son in and out of a car seat in a small car got old really fast. Now, if I want to, I can completely climb into my SUV to buckle him in.

2. Safety

Fuel efficiency used to be number one on my list. Ever since having a baby, safety quickly rose to the top. Before buying my car, I watched crash test videos and compared stats until I felt ok about the type of car I was going to buy.

3. Reliability

The last thing anyone wants to do is wind up on the side of the road because their car broke down. This is especially true if you are traveling with kids. By the time I was done comparing car reliability stats, I felt like I could get a job selling cars. Consumer Reports is a great place to start.

4. Storage  

I have no idea how I used to go to my parent’s for the weekend before I had an SUV. How did I fit the stroller, bike, suitcases, toys and other (probably unnecessary) kid accessories? Not having to travel like a sardine has been glorious. Not to mention, I like keeping things organized, so lots of compartments are a must!

5. Affordability

Add up the price of the car you want + gas + insurance. The total cost of owning a car includes more than what you pay the dealer. After I did this, a few of the bells and whistles I thought I needed suddenly seemed less important. 

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What tops your “wish list” when buying a new car? 

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