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Father and son at garage sale
Make your next garage sale a family thing
posted in: Family
by Rick Halberg

Get the kids involved in your next garage sale

You have a wonderful opportunity to teach your kids about earning, giving and responsibility while cleaning out your closets. Have a garage sale with your kids and watch them learn!

Give them some skin in the game – Many areas have community garage sale weekends, so ask your kids if they want to help with a sale at your house. Tell them about the opportunity to clean out old toys (to make room for new ones), clean out clothes they no longer wear and make some money for themselves. As additional incentive, offer to match whatever your kids make on their items.

Earning potential – Let them keep an eye on the prize by having them help gather items, organize them and price them. During the process, you can help them keep a running total of inventory and price to see how much they could potentially earn. Be sure to remind them that not all items will sell, and many will be sold at less than sticker price. However, if the kids are involved in the actual sale, many customers may be reluctant to haggle over price.

Help them learn about giving – Suggest to your kids that they donate half of the money they make at the sale to a charity of their choosing. When children learn about charities, they often want to help but do not have funds to donate. You’re sure to see a look of satisfaction and accomplishment when they can make a donation with their own money.

Save or spend – We all love toys, and we all like to reward ourselves for a job well done. Suggest that your kids save what they earn, but allow a little bit to be used toward something they’ve been wanting. After all, the best thing about earning money on your own – is spending it!

Can you think of other fun ways to get your kids involved in your next garage sale? Give us a shout below with your ideas!

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