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High school dance team
What room does fear have?
posted in: Community
by Kristin Smith

Local Illinois dance team conquers fear, goes viral

The idea

When dance coach, Margaret Miller, met with her seniors last year to select the music they would use for their competition piece, they surprised her with their request. They wanted to dance to a poem. Dance is an art form, so is the spoken word, but the two rarely go hand in hand. A dance routine is based on counts, on music. Choreography paired with mostly silence is difficult to create, and even more challenging to perform.

That didn’t keep the Mahomet-Seymour high school dance team from doing it anyway. This group of fearless young women created a piece of art that has left people in awe of their talent and bravery.

The challenge

The poem belonged to a man named Jon Jorgenson, an online presence and Christian artist. They would need his permission to use, and possibly edit, his words. Using the tech savvy inherent to teens, a team member was able to track down Jon’s personal email. Margaret reached out to him, explained what the team wanted to do, and asked for the original voice track, fully expecting not to receive a response. Not only did Jon get back to them, he re-recorded an edited version of the poem for them.

The payoff

That was just the beginning of an exciting journey for this dance team. The Sunday night after competition, a video of their performance was posted to YouTube. By that Wednesday, it had almost 100,000 views. Today, with over 6,686,375 views, the video is kind of a big deal. It has been shared by the likes of TV star and creator of SoulPancake, Rainn Wilson, and Ashton Kutcher. More importantly, it has left millions of people with goose bumped flesh and a burning question – “What room does fear have?”

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