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Financial Representative and student
Financial Representative Jared Zueck visited Iles Elementary School in Springfield, IL to recognize fourth-grader Anesh Konagalla
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by Steve Fast

Family history inspires financial education

The more kids know about economics and personal finance, the more likely they will make
better decisions with money in adulthood.

Thousands of students participate in financial education classes with COUNTRY Financial
throughout the school year. One of our partners, Econ IL, challenges young people with a contest that teaches students about our economic system. Students choose an economic concept, such as choice and opportunity cost, and draw a picture of how they understand it.

Financial Representative Jared Zueck visited Iles Elementary School in Springfield, IL to recognize
fourth-grader Anesh Konagalla, one of 12 state winners in the annual Economic Concepts Poster Contest.

This month shines a spotlight on the published debut of Anesh’s artwork in a calendar that shows off the winning poster submissions. Anesh’s drawing is the January 2017 feature and captures his family’s farm and culture.

January Financial Econ IL Calendar poster

Anesh Konagalla's Economics Concepts poster.

Anesh’s family owns a small business in Springfield where they sell rice from his grandfather’s farm in India. The drawing shows economical values the family brings to the area such as creating jobs, feeding families, delivering the rice, and using the rice to make other industrial goods.

“When I first stepped into the classroom, the last thing I thought the students would be excited to talk about was economics,” Zueck said. “Now, thanks to our partnership with Econ IL, learning about our world’s economy is fun. Teaching students to have an understanding of our economy shouldn’t start in college, it should start early on.”

Contact the COUNTRY Financial Public Affairs office for a copy of the Econ IL Economics
calendar, other financial education materials or more information.

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