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Sean Roy, Brett Coonrod and Michael Grossman
Sean Roy (pictured left) with supervisor, Brett Coonrod (pictured middle), after being presented with the Patriot Award from Illinois Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve representative, Michael Grossman (pictured right).
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by Courtny Svendsen

Employee Honored for Supporting National Guardsman

Achieving a good level of work-life balance is a challenge for anyone with a busy schedule. But when the military service of National Guard or Reserve duty is added to the mix, the challenge goes to a different level.

Sean Roy, who serves in the Army National Guard, felt his supervisor and the team in the COUNTRY Financial Central Claims Office (CCO), went above and beyond when accommodating his absence due to military duty. And that is why Roy nominated his supervisor for the prestigious Patriot Award.

“Brett is the best supervisor that I have ever worked for regarding my Army National Guard duties.” Roy said. “I have monthly training and sometimes I might only have two days’ notice before I have to go somewhere. My supervisor, and COUNTRY Financial as a whole, has never made me feel ashamed or showed any type of disappointment when I have had to leave for active duty.”

The supervisor who always makes sure everything is running smoothly while a member of the team is gone is Brett Coonrod. The Illinois Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESRG) grants the Patriot Award to individual supervisors as a public thank you for going above and beyond the requirements of the law regarding their employee’s National Guard and Reserve service. The ESRG presented the Patriot award to Coonrod on May 24, 2017.

“I’m honored to be named for the Patriot Award,” Coonrod said. “Even though I’m the one accepting the award, it really is for the entire team. The CCO works together each and every day to take care of the customer. When Sean is off honoring his commitment to his country, our claims team works together to honor our commitment to the customer. I’m extremely proud of my team’s effort as well as the entire CCO.”

COUNTRY Financial is proud to have employees like Sean Roy, who serves in the military and Brett Coonrod, who provides continuous support and flexibility for those serving. 

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