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Fresh market produce.
The freshest produce around can be found at the Chicago farmers markets!
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by Cody Dees

Chicago markets: the bridge to better

There’s just something about a farmers market that can help turn an okay day, into a great one. Whether you’re going for the produce, the food, or to interact with some of the friendliest faces around, we can all agree that a day that includes a trip to the market is simply better.

As a company that began in agriculture, we’ve been long supporters of farmers markets.

It’s in our blood.

To help inspire Chicago’s youth and reduce plastic waste, we proudly activate our annual market bag design contest. Here’s how it works:

  1. We provide a design theme to local Chicago schools…
  2. Students submit their designs for a chance to win a scholarship…
  3. COUNTRY Financial votes on the winning design…
  4. We announce the winner at the local market, present the checks, and begin distributing the FREE reusable bags showcasing the 1st place design!

“You’ve got a lot growing for you.”

This was the design theme that helped deliver 11,000 reusable bags to the city of Chicago this season and helped celebrate three young artists.

First place awarded design.
Second place awarded design.
Third place awarded design.

We’re big on community.

To help spread the word about the incredible farmers markets (and the vendors) in the Chicago area, we partnered with CBS to create the Farmers Market Spotlight series. Check out one below:

What does COUNTRY Financial have in common with the market scene?

Aside from our heritage in agriculture and our passion for community, we’re on a mission to help make the complicated a little simpler. Our first step to achieving this? Helping make life’s more difficult situations better. After all, “we can all agree that a day that includes a trip to the market is simply better”.

Are you a regular attendee of the Chicago farmers markets? If so, share some of your favorite things below!

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