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two local vendors show their produce.
Fresh ingredients and delightful vendors are just a few things that can be found at the Lyndale Farmers Market.
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by Cody Dees

A breath of fresh…Minneapolis

After a few too many presses of the snooze button, you finally wake up. You’re now making the decision between a quick bite to eat or swinging by your favorite café for a latte, to-go. You pick the latte because…caffeine. Thanks to said latte, you’re now officially late for work.


Is anyone else falling victim to their inevitably fast-paced, daily grind? You’re not alone. These days, taking time to recalibrate is as important as ever. How do a lot of Minnesotans find their balance? 

Regularly attending farmers markets.

The market-scene in Minneapolis provides its residents more than quality ingredients and beautiful flowers. It’s a gathering of moments that give life the breath of fresh air we all yearn for…a moment to step away from the daily grind.

Where does COUNTRY Financial® come in?

We’ve been long time supporters of the Minneapolis farmers markets. To help inspire Minneapolis’ youth and reduce plastic waste, we proudly activate our annual market bag design contest. Here’s how it works:

1. We provide a design theme to local Minneapolis schools…

2. Students submit their designs for a chance to win a scholarship…

3. COUNTRY Financial votes on the winning design…

4. We announce the winner at the local market, present the checks, and begin distributing the FREE reusable bags showcasing the 1st place design!

“You’ve got a lot growing for you.”

This was the design theme that helped deliver 9,000 reusable bags to Minneapolis-Saint Paul this season and helped celebrate three young artists.


first place awarded design
second place awarded design
third place awarded design

More than one competition takes place each year.

Who doesn’t enjoy a friendly cook-off? The COUNTRY Financial Chef Challenge brings two local chefs out of the kitchen and into the Lyndale farmers market for a morning of fast-paced competition. Picture this: they get twenty minutes to run through the market and retrieve their ingredients, one hour to create a market-inspired dish to win over three judges, all to be crowned “Master of the Market”. 

This year, Chef Laura Bonicelli (Bonicelli Kitchen) and Chef Todd Macdonald (Red Rabbit) brought the heat!

New to this year, we streamed the excitement on Facebook Live in addition to the on-site experience.

[Pro Tip: Skip to 25:03 to watch our personal favorite, the chefs going through the market.]

At COUNTRY Financial, we’re on a mission to help make the complicated a little simpler. Every now and then, that includes a subtle reminder to pause, enjoy the moments, and simply take a deep breath of Minneapolis…one of our favorite cities.

Are you a regular attendee of the Minneapolis farmers markets? If so, share some of your favorite things below!

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