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Tim Schweiger
Kennewick, WA
Tuesday, December 1, 2015

4 Unique Ways to Invest

An important part of a tangible financial security plan includes making wise investment decisions with your money. No matter where you’re starting from, COUNTRY Financial offers investment options to help you achieve your future goals.

Our Journey series of asset management offers four distinct services, so whether you’re a beginning investor or have complex needs, we can help.

These services can be used for investments in a retirement account, trust, or taxable account.

1) Foundation

A Foundation Account is a great way to begin your financial journey. You can open an account for as little as a $5,000 initial investment or a $100-a-month investment (after an initial deposit of $1,000).

This account uses index funds with low cost expenses and fees that have been analyzed and are monitored by our investment professionals. Regular monitoring ensures they meet our rigorous criteria for inclusion in your portfolio.


Step up to mutual fund investing with CoMPAS (COUNTRY Managed Portfolio Account Service).

There are a lot of funds to choose from out there, and that can be confusing. CoMPAS is an account that matches your investor profile to asset allocation funds with professionally selected mutual funds.

For a minimum $25,000 investment, our investment professionals manage your account by:

  • helping you determine your appropriate asset allocation model strategy
  • investing your money in mutual funds based on your selected allocation
  • continually monitoring the funds in which you’re invested
  • periodically rebalancing your account to make sure it stays in line with your allocation*

In other words, you don’t have to worry about finding the right funds or monitoring those funds.

3) Focus

If you want more than mutual funds but don’t feel comfortable selecting individual stocks on your own, consider a Focus Account.

Your Focus Account gives you personalized investment management that:

  • matches investments to your goals and tolerance for risk
  • invests in individual stocks and exchange traded funds. An exchange traded fund may track an index but is traded similar to a stock. The share price can change throughout the day.
  • can include your existing marketable securities in your portfolio

4) Vision

Investing significant assets wisely generally requires a high level of expertise.

The highly personalized attention you’ll receive from a Vision Account includes a portfolio of securities selected specifically for you. Selections are based on your risk comfort level, time horizon, unique circumstances, and current and anticipated financial needs and situation.

With a Vision Account, a portfolio manager will individually structure your account.

This service is designed for individuals with $1 million or more to invest who recognize the value of putting full-time professionals to work on their portfolios.

Based on your goals and requests, your portfolio manager will take charge of the direction of your account.

Some of the specific services you’ll receive are:

  • a professionally designed portfolio that may include individual stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds, and mutual funds selected to meet your specific needs, goals and preferences
  • tax assistance
  • inclusion of your existing marketable securities in your portfolio
  • meeting with your portfolio manager and administrative officer as often as you like

Working with me, you’ll get both personal service and the comprehensive professional expertise of the COUNTRY team of portfolio managers.

It’s just one more way that COUNTRY can help you achieve financial security, no matter where you’re starting from.

Call me today for more information so I can put the experience and financial strength of COUNTRY to work for you!

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