Nathan Turner

What's your idea of financial security?

Nathan Turner
Havana, IL
Saturday, November 28, 2015

What would a mom's "Help wanted" ad say?

Chief Family Organizer


Chief Family Organizer – CFO

Family seeks CFO with experience in household management.

  • Chaotic work environment
  • No salary
  • Great benefits package of love and fulfillment
  • Oversee all functions of family life - extensive travel required
  • Provide guidance as needed
  • Manage household operation, including purchasing, inventory and maintenance

A mom’s job is irreplaceable. 

And if something happened to her, you could never replace her or the unique and special love she provides.

But life will have to go on. 

And the countless jobs she performs every day will still need to get done.

Being prepared for the unexpected is what life insurance is all about. 

The right life insurance protection can help your family deal with day-to-day expenses – and larger costs, too – like the mortgage and college educations.

Could your family survive financially if your CFO was suddenly out of the picture?

As a COUNTRY Financial representative, I can review your current situation with you and help you make sure your family has the protection they need.

Contact me today to schedule a time to meet!

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