Michael White

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Michael White
Galesburg, IL
Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My Bio and Team

I pride myself on working my hardest each day to provide the best possible service to my clients. Being able to help people is a central part of my life, and I'm happy I can be of service to my community. I also enjoy meeting new people and through one-on-one relationships, I am able to learn how unique each client is.

I started working for COUNTRY Financial because I realized that COUNTRY and I have a lot in common. COUNTRY fits my work ethic and helps me by giving me all the tools I need to create customized solutions for each of my clients.

COUNTRY expects me to be down-to-earth and straightforward with my clients. I value that because I wouldn't communicate any other way. I respect you and your goals and I want you to be able to trust and rely on me to help you with your financial security.

Please feel free to contact me directly by phone or by completing the Contact Me form on my site. I look forward to getting to know you soon!


  • Have been with COUNTRY for 33 years


  • Licensed in IA , IL , MO and WI
  • Hall of Fame
  • Life Underwriters Training Council Fellow


  • Galesburg, IL - All My Life (Hometown)


  • Holly (spouse)
  • Michelle White, Molly Kleine (Jeremy), Mick White (Catherine), Jacob & Ben Schneider (kids)
  • Megan Butler, Kayla Butler, Kelsi Kleine, Kannon Kleine, Mason Smith (grandchildren)


  • Member of First Christian Church
  • Member of Galesburg Rotary
  • Member of Western Illinois Estate & Financial Planners
  • Cursillo Alumn
  • JCI Senator of United States Jaycees
  • Member of Galesburg Chamber of Commerce

My Team

Lori Page
Office Assistant
Tara                                Turner
Tara Turner
Production Assistant

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