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Dean Tambling
Coal City, IL
Monday, November 30, 2015

Safeguard Your Home from Burglars

Every 15 seconds someone's home is burglarized.  One out of every 10 homes is burglarized every year and nearly $1,600 worth of property is stolen per burglary.

In the event that your home is burglarized, your COUNTRY Financial home insurance will protect what you have and are enjoying today.  In addition to home insurance, use these tips to keep your home secure and safeguard what you have worked so hard to achieve. 

No Trespassing signals

By simply keeping the outside of your home maintained, you could divert potential burglars from choosing your home as their next hit. A well-manicured lawn gives burglars the impression that you take care of the inside of your home by securing doors and hiding valuables.  Over-grown trees and shrubs could also provide a burglar with a way into upper-level windows or serve as a barrier to hide suspicious activity.

Here are some other security options that will send no trespassing signals to would-be burglars:

  • Motion-sensor lights visible from the road
  • Random timers to turn lights and appliances on and off when you are not home
  • Non-privacy fences to slow the thief, but not conceal the crime
  • Large or noisy dogs to draw attention to the thief

Avoid signs that invite burglars

What you leave lying around outside may prompt thieves to pay a visit.  When you purchase new, expensive furniture, appliances or technology, don’t leave the empty boxes visible when you throw out the trash.  The same is true for what you leave in plain site through your windows. 

Also, leaving messages on your door or answering machine that say you are away are green lights for burglars who won’t have to worry about possible interruptions.

Make unwanted entry difficult

Most burglars look to enter through doors with easy access.  However, there are safeguards that can help:

  • Doors with decorative sidelight panels should be made of break-resistant material
  • Sliding doors should have the reinforcement of a metal or solid wood rod on the inside track
  • Garage doors should always be closed and locked, with the inside door secured
  • All doors should have deadbolts in addition to the other locks

When you're not at home, it's best to give the appearance that someone is home.  You can do this by leaving your drapes and shades slightly parted, and leaving on some lights.

Deter burglars from taking your belongings

Should the burglar enter your home, what you leave out will matter.  To lighten the burglar’s loot, create diversions by hiding more expensive valuables.  Placing a phony safe – which contains no real valuables – in plain view may also distract burglars from lifting your real treasures.

Should your home be broken into, a burglar will avoid taking marked property because it's difficult to sell.  So, place permanent identification markings on all electronic equipment and other valuables.

By taking these basic precautions, burglars may completely avoid your home.  Send a no-trespassing message to potential burglars that the welcome mat isn’t for them.

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