Chris Griffin

What's your idea of financial security?

Chris Griffin
Danville, IL
Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Are You Saving Enough For Retirement?

Make sure you save enough for retirement

4 out of 10 Americans participating in a recent survey said it's unlikely they'll have enough money to enjoy a comfortable retirement.1

Are you on track with your planning and saving? Before you decide, consider some of the reasons you could need more money for retirement than you now anticipate.

You may have to retire earlier than planned

Many people do. Health, family, and work-related issues often lead to early retirement.

You may not want to sell your home

Census data reveal that most homeowners age 65 and over remain in their pre-retirement homes after they retire. So, planning to “cash in” on your home’s value may not be realistic. While a reverse mortgage is one way to tap into home equity without selling the home, it’s a strategy that carries a certain degree of risk.

You may have to spend a lot on health care

Many companies are cutting back on health coverage for retirees and Medicare doesn’t pay for everything. Even if you buy supplemental health insurance, the premiums plus your out-of-pocket costs could add up to a considerable amount.

Your retirement could last a long time

The average 65-year-old has a life expectancy of 18.6 years.2 For a 65-year-old couple, at least one person can expect to live to age 88.3

Plan now

You can’t know for sure how your retirement will play out. But it certainly makes sense to do what you can now to plan and save for your future retirement. Please call for an appointment if you’d like to discuss your financial situation. I can help with a tangible plan – one that can be adjusted as your life and needs change. No matter where you’re starting from, I’m here to give you the guidance you need to reach financial security.

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