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What's your idea of financial security?

Bob Effner
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Saturday, November 28, 2015

What's Your Idea of a Secure Retirement?

You hear it often – the importance of preparing for your future retirement. But life has demands on you now. So it might be tempting to put retirement planning off…just a little longer.

Putting it off can easily become a perpetual situation. This can have dire consequences – especially when you consider that:

  • Inflation is constantly nipping away your assets
  • Pension plans are becoming increasingly rare
  • It appears Social Security will play an ever-smaller role in your retirement picture

The kind of retirement you want

You’ve got your own unique ideas about the kind of retirement you want. But what do you need to do to make it a reality?

Getting that answer may be easier than you think. No matter where you’re starting from, COUNTRY Financial will give you the guidance to help you get – and keep – your retirement plans on track.

I’ll discuss your situation with you. Then, I’ll prepare a tangible plan with step-by-step guidance to help you reach your goals. There’s nothing theoretical about it. Just an easy-to-understand plan based on your ideas for a comfortable retirement.

Achieve your retirement goals with a tangible plan

A solid strategy is a great way to prepare for retirement. But you probably have other competing goals, too.

There are five distinct parts to your overall financial security picture: Property, Income, Retirement, Education, and Health. That’s where I can help!

If you’re looking for guidance on how to reach all of your financial security goals, a tangible plan from COUNTRY could be what you’re looking for.

This no-obligation plan helps you balance your need to protect what you have with your desire to build for the future.

And, because your life isn’t static, I can help you adjust your plan as your life changes.

Something as important as your family’s financial security deserves close attention.

It deserves a plan that puts all of the pieces together. No matter where you’re starting from, you’ll get that personalized plan when you work with me.

Let me help you find the best way to build for your family’s financial security…including your long-awaited retirement.

Give me a call today.

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