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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Where are the Jobs?

The economy – what a roller coaster.  People are always wondering which industries are growing, which are stable, and which are struggling.  Many experts say that in addition to computers, health care, and social services, the financial services industry is growing and will likely continue to grow for years to come.  Why?  It’s pretty simple…

As baby boomers continue aging two things are happening:

  1. They’re retiring
  2. An unprecedented amount of wealth is being transferred to later generations 

Retiring baby boomers create job opportunities

Many organizations are preparing for the large staffing void baby boomers will leave as they retire.  While this is a challenge for employers, it is an opportunity for career seekers. 

Employers are increasing their recruiting activities and focusing on retention strategies – meaning they are looking for strong candidates and creating an atmosphere that encourages employees to stick with the organization. 

COUNTRY Financial is no exception.  At COUNTRY Financial, we select highly qualified applicants and give them the tools and incentives to help them succeed.   

Unprecedented transfer of wealth

Another opportunity for people interested in a job in financial services is the large transfer of wealth that will occur as baby boomers age.  Younger generations will be the recipients of the wealth accumulated by the baby boomers and are going to need professional guidance on how to save and invest it in their family’s financial future. 

At COUNTRY Financial, we train our financial representatives to provide tailored solutions for younger generations.

The COUNTRY Financial Career

At COUNTRY Financial, we believe with the right guidance, most families can build a financially strong future.  If you are inspired to help people achieve financial security, seek the support to succeed and value competitive compensation, contact me to learn more about a career as a COUNTRY Financial representative. 

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