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"...I was thinking, 'OK, this is the end of the world. My life is over...' "

"Over the years, my definition of financial security has definitely changed. In the past, it would’ve been more as looking in the future and thinking that I want as much money as I can possibly have put away. As I’m getting older, I look at it in a couple different ways."

Mitch Davis | Savoy, IL

"...I'm proud to be protected by COUNTRY Financial..."

I couldn't believe it. Our company was being dropped from our old insurance provider because they weren't covering our type of business anymore. My company makes movies, and for many reasons, we need the coverage and the peace of mind. That's when Beau Oehlke came to the rescue. He was able to, through COUNTRY Financial, get us awesome coverage at a great rate. Our company may be out in the boondocks, but I'm proud to be country. And I'm proud to be protected by COUNTRY Financial.

Dan Davies | Appleton, WI

"...It was definitely worth having the Keeper policy..."

On April 27, 2011, tornadoes ripped through Central Alabama leaving thousands of families asking, “Where do we go from here?”  Check out this video and see how Michelle and Willie Scott went from watching their home get destroyed to seeing it rebuilt again with the help of their financial representative, Lynn Barger.

Michelle and Willie Scott | Tuscaloosa, AL

"...It was definitely worth having the Keeper policy..."

After I totaled my vehicle, they priced out what a new vehicle similar to what I was driving would cost and I received a check in that amount.  When I received my check from the insurance company, I was surprised at the size of the check.  I was not expecting it to cover what a new vehicle would cost.  

I love it!  Every time I get in it, I can’t believe it’s really mine! 

The claims representative told me had I not had the Keeper policy, the check I received would have been $7,000-$8,000 less.  I was dreading having to deal with the insurance side of things but the claims representative made it so easy.  It was definitely worth having the Keeper policy.

Jennifer Cox | Normal, IL | Client Since 2008

"... I've had COUNTRY auto insurance for almost 40 years. I've had several claims and I'm always pleased with the service I get..."

 Between the Keeper and working with the claims representative, it was awesome. The accident happened on Monday, and by Saturday I had a new car. I thought that I was getting reimbursed for the model year I had, but I was amazed and thrilled that I got the value of a current model year instead. They met me at a bank on Friday with a check. It was great! I thought the coverage paid for just a replacement of the vehicle. I didn't realize it was a replacement of the vehicle in the current model year, so that was a bonus! My mother got a car the week before I totaled mine, and she told our financial representative that she didn't need the Keeper. But she's changed her mind now. I've had COUNTRY auto insurance for almost 40 years. I've had several claims and I'm always pleased with the service I get.

Barbara Eskridge | Adair, IL | Client for more than 40 years

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