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Little mistakes can lead to big accidents, know your potential hazards are and learn how to prevent them

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Equipment accidents on your farm or ranch are avoidable.

You work 365 days a year and sometimes many many hours of the day. Certain seasons push you to your limit. You’re in a hurry and tired.

Put your feet up for a few minutes and reacquaint yourself with some safety issues.

Tractor and farm equipment safety

How to be safe around farm and ranch equipment:

  • Equip all your tractors with rollover protective structures (ROPS).
  • Display the slow moving vehicle (SMV) symbol-some states require it.
  • Wear your seat belt at all times-in fact, if you roll over, ROPS can actually kill you if you’re not wearing your seatbelt.
  • Avoid driving near ditches and embankments. Most rollovers occur in these areas.

Wear proper clothing

The following are dangerous around farm and ranch equipment:

  • Loose clothing or jewelry
    • Anything that dangles can get caught in machinery
    • Besides the possibility of dangling jewelry getting caught in machinery, metal jewelry is a conductor of electricity
  • Long hair: 
    • Pull long hair back so it doesn’t interfere with your work or get caught in machinery.

Get adequate rest       

It’s tempting to sacrifice sleep to get your work done, but that’s when accidents happen.

  • Reaction time slows down when you get tired, making the risk of injury more possible.  Don’t work yourself into an accident.
  • Consider alternating jobs during the day so you stay alert and focused.

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