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Teen Driving Safety

Teens are social, fun-loving, independent and most think they’re indestructible.  

No matter what they think, these young drivers need your help. As parents, relatives, teachers and friends of teens, COUNTRY® Financial encourages you to talk with your teenage driver about responsible driving. You can feel ready and informed using the free safety materials offered below.

Free educational materials to share with your teenage driver

  • Just Drive/Avoiding Driving Distractions

    Education is one of the most effective ways to help your young driver be aware of any kind of distraction, from talking on the cell phone, texting, eating, or changing the radio station. Encourage your teen to be aware of the dangers of driving distractions.
  • Beginning Teenage Drivers

    This brochure is designed to help parents of new teen drivers learn how to establish effective rules and talk with their teens about the risks associated with driving.
  • Young Drivers:  The High-Risk Years

    This 16-minute DVD focuses on ways to reduce accidents caused by beginning drivers. Use this with your new drivers to break high-risk conduct before it becomes habit.

Contact a local COUNTRY Financial representative or go to Free Materials to request copies of these materials.

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