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Keep Your Family Safe
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Keep Your Family Safe

No one knows your family and home better than you, which makes you the expert at protecting both. But, there’s a lot to think about, whether it’s how to shield your home from tornado damage or how to best prepare your new teen driver. We can help you safeguard what you have that is most important to you.

Every day we settle claims and witness the important role safety plays in our lives. Using that experience, we’ve identified keys to help you better protect your family, property and possessions.

For the past 80 years we’ve developed safety programs that include educational multimedia and print materials for your whole family – adults, teens and children.

Find the safety information you are looking for

These safety categories will help you quickly get the tips and advice you need when you need them. 

Safety In Your Vehicle

Get tips for teen drivers, advice on how to handle seasonal driving situations and a refresher course on defensive driving dos and don'ts. 

Safety In Your Home

Find out how to protect your home from burglary, save your home from seasonal setbacks like frozen pipes, and watch a video showing just how quickly fire can engulf your home.

Safety On the Farm and Ranch

Read reminders about the dos and don’ts of working on large farm equipment, why it’s important to use caution while driving on rural roads, and tips on how to keep children and others safe on the farm.

Safety In a Catastrophe

Learn if the area where you live is prone to a tornado, wildfire or earthquake. And then read some helpful tips on how to react before, during, and after a catastrophe strikes.

Fun safety tips just for kids

We all know kids will be kids, but that doesn’t stop us from teaching them important safety lessons.  In fact, it’s all the more reason.

The children in your life, whether they be your own, relatives, or friends, will have fun while learning safety messages.

Get Educated on Safety. Read more, download information, or play a game.

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