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Keep control of your retirement money with a Rollover IRA

You can open a Rollover IRA with money from a retirement plan with your previous employer or from other IRAs. So, if you leave an employer and are entitled to money that is in a retirement plan with that employer, you can transfer or “roll” it to an IRA without having a tax liability. 

Pension, profit sharing, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, 457s, 451s, stock bonus and Keogh plans frequently make distributions that can be rolled into an IRA. At COUNTRY Financial, you can simplify your life by combining all of your IRAs into one account.

Simplify your retirement funding

A rollover IRA is designed to help you manage your retirement funds by allowing you to move money from one tax-favored retirement plan into another. You benefit in some very significant ways:

  • You avoid possible penalties for early withdrawal
  • The earnings on your retirement dollars grow tax-deferred until withdrawn
  • You maintain control
  • An IRA may give you a wider choice of investments than your previous employer’s retirement plan
  • It may allow you better tailoring of asset allocation for specific objectives. For example, someone close to retirement may want individual bonds for income that would not be available in an employer’s retirement plan.

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Investment options  

COUNTRY® Financial gives you a wide selection of investment options, from choosing your own investments to having the professionals at COUNTRY Trust Bank invest your money for you.

Take a closer look at your options to see what might work for you or find a COUNTRY Financial representative near you to get personalized guidance in matching the right IRA and investment option for you.

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