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Customized asset management for your long-term needs
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Vision Account

Customized to your needs

If you’ve accumulated sizable wealth, you probably have more important decisions to make than those concerning your investments. That’s what a Vision Account from COUNTRY® Financial is designed to do.

Funding your vision account

For accounts starting at $1 million, you’ll have a portfolio designed just for you. Based on your needs and requests, your portfolio will be constructed with:

  • Individual stocks
  • Individual bonds
  • No-load mutual funds
  • Exchange traded funds
  • Certificates of deposit (CDs)

Is a vision account right for you?

There are many good reasons to have a Vision Account with COUNTRY. Some of the most significant include:

  • Team approach

    You have a team working for you that includes:

    • Your local COUNTRY financial representative as your go-to service provider
    • An administrative specialist who addresses technical issues as they relate to your type of account (i.e., retirement account, straight investment management account or trust).
    • Your portfolio manager who invests your money.

  • Expert portfolio management

    All of our portfolio managers hold advanced degrees and/or the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) designation. Not only do these professionals manage your account, but you have ready access to them by phone or personal visit.

  • Tailored investments

    The assets in your portfolio are invested specifically for you based on a close review of your needs, profile, and wishes.  

  • Unbiased advice

    Because our compensation is tied to the value of your portfolio, we have an incentive to increase the value of your assets and not “churn” your account.  

  • Custodial services

    You don’t have to handle paperwork. We collect income from your investments for you, monitor corporate changes, and make sure all of your assets are working for you. Our comprehensive record keeping gives you one report for tax purposes so you don’t have to track your investments from multiple accounts.

Find a Representative

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How your vision account works

Because this kind of account is so customized, it’s important that we understand you and your situation. An in-depth discussion with you is necessary to establish the direction of your investment account and the types of securities that should be included. Specifically, we’ll need to determine your:

  • Risk comfort zone

    The level of investment risk you’re willing to take with your money is one of the most important components for investment selection. That’s why your portfolio manager will need a good grasp of your feelings about risk.

  • Time horizon

    The length of time your investments are held before you need the money impacts the investment selection process. It’s tied to your risk comfort level to create the right mix of investments. Generally speaking, the longer you have to invest, the more aggressive you can afford to be. Your portfolio manager will combine your time horizon and your risk comfort level when planning your portfolio.

  • Cash needs

    The selection of securities for your portfolio will be greatly influenced by your cash needs. Consequently, your portfolio manager will need to know if:

    • You anticipate needing some or all of the money by a certain date
    • You would like to receive a certain amount of money on a regular basis
    • You don’t anticipate needing the money but will, instead, be adding more money to the account

  • Tax status

    The more money you have, the more complicated your tax picture. Tax issues such as possible tax deductions, tax rates, capital gains and losses, and estate taxes can significantly impact the investments that should be included in your portfolio.

While the basic concepts of successful investing – diversification, asset allocation, risk, and time – aren’t difficult to understand, actually applying them to your specific situation involves a lot more, especially with significant assets. That’s why so many high net worth individuals have investment professionals invest their money for them. We’d like to provide these services to you.

Options for your vision account

The Vision investment option is available:

  • As a non-retirement account. For example, money from an inheritance, sale of a business, retirement distribution, insurance proceeds, or simply accumulated from dedicated saving.
  • In a trust
  • In an IRA

If you think a Vision Account could address your investment needs, find a COUNTRY Financial representative near you to find out more.


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