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CoMPAS makes managing your assets easy
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CoMPAS Account

Navigate the investment waters with ease

If you’ve changed jobs and have money in your previous employer’s retirement plan or have money in a low-risk investment that isn’t earning as much as you’d like, consider CoMPAS (COUNTRY Managed Portfolio Account Service), one of four accounts in our Journey Series of asset management.  

With over 7,500 mutual funds available, you probably don’t have time to properly research the right ones for you and then keep an eye on them. That’s what CoMPAS does for you.

Here are some good reasons to use CoMPAS:

  • You’ll get wide diversification to help reduce your investment risk
  • Your money is divided among the various asset classes – stocks, bonds, and money market – based on your tolerance for risk and/or time horizon
  • Your investments are professionally selected and continuously managed to your objective

Funding your CoMPAS account

For a $25,000 investment, this managed account service invests in mutual funds that match your investor profile.

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How your CoMPAS account works

When you open a CoMPAS Account, investment professionals at our affiliate COUNTRY Trust Bank will research, buy, sell and monitor mutual funds that match a wide range of time horizons and levels of risk. Learn more about how we select mutual funds for CoMPAS.

Based on this, the selected funds are used in our asset allocation model strategies. There are over 20 strategies, each reflecting different levels of risk and/or time horizons. Your investor profile, determined when you meet with a COUNTRY Financial representative, will help establish the right strategy for you.

Then you can relax while our investment team works for you.

  • They’ll update the models to reflect our outlook for the markets. For example, if we believe that interest rates will decline in the near future and that the stock market is fairly valued, we may increase the percentage of money allocated to bonds. You can keep current on what we think is happening in the economy by reading our economic outlook.
  • As the markets fluctuate and cause your selected allocation to get out of line, we’ll re-balance it to your targeted asset allocation.

You can review it any time with your COUNTRY Financial representative or review it online. Your financial representative will meet with you periodically to make sure that your profile is still accurate for your situation.

Options for your CoMPAS account

You can use the CoMPAS investment option:

  • As a non-retirement account. For example, money from an inheritance, sale of a business, retirement distribution, insurance proceeds, or simply accumulated from dedicated saving
  • In an IRA

Find a COUNTRY Financial representative in your area to put the investment professionals at COUNTRY to work for you.

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