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Investing the easy way with a managed account from COUNTRY.
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Let Us Make the Investment Decisions

There are a lot of good reasons to have your money professionally invested for you by COUNTRY® Financial, including:

  • investing based on your total financial picture.
  • getting a mix of investments based on your situation.
  • knowing if you’re saving enough to meet your financial goals.
  • an unemotional, objective approach to investing.
  • starting with our Foundation Account to our Vision Account, an investment program that grows as you accumulate wealth.     
  • investment expertise from people who spend their entire workdays analyzing and monitoring investments.

You can have all that and more with the investment management services from COUNTRY.

Journey Investment Management


Which account is right for you?

At COUNTRY, we don’t believe that investing should follow a cookie-cutter approach. That’s why we don’t offer just one type of managed account. We offer four through our Journey Series. So, no matter where you’re starting from, you can enjoy the benefits of professional management of your money.

  • Foundation account

    This service is a great way to enter the investing world. Because it only requires an initial investment of $5,000 or a $1,000 initial investment plus a $100 a month, even if you have just little to invest, you can start building a portfolio for your future financial security.

  • CoMPAS account

    Starting at $25,000, this strategy-based investmentservice utilizes professionally selected no-load mutual funds allocated to match your investor profile.

  • Focus account

    This service provides you with a portfolio of individual stocks and exchange traded funds as well as potential tax benefits. You may also be able to include stocks and bonds you already own – all in one account.

  • Vision account

    Your personal portfolio manager creates a customized portfolio of stocks, bonds, no-load mutual funds, exchange traded funds and CDs that are bought and sold within the parameters of your specific needs and goals.

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Put our experience and financial stability to work for you

  • Stability

    A stable company – one that’s built a good reputation over the years – is what you want when you’re working toward financial security. COUNTRY has been building its reputation for over 80 years by helping people like you achieve financial security.

  • Trust

    In answer to our clients’ increasing need for financial services, COUNTRY Trust Bank® was created in 1971 as a full-service investment management, trust and retirement planning organization. Our assets under management have grown from $650 million to over $13 billion. That’s a testimony to the trust that our clients have placed in our investment management expertise. We don’t take that trust lightly.

  • Knowledge

    When it comes to your money, you want knowledgeable and experienced people on your side. You’ll get that with COUNTRY.

    Our seasoned portfolio managers have weathered all types of economic climates. These individuals have the experience, skills and tools to stay on top of changes in the financial world. They possess the expertise to develop an investment program suited to your needs.


Invest for your family’s financial security tomorrow

Having the portfolio managers at COUNTRY invest your money makes sense for a lot of reasons. Here are a few:

  • Relationship based
    • Your COUNTRY Financial representative is your go-to service provider, so you’ll have someone locally to call or see anytime you have questions, concerns or need to make changes.
    • You’ll benefit from our portfolio managers who are dedicated to specific types of investments (i.e., technology stocks, government bonds, etc.) that we use in your portfolio.
    • A specialized administrator is assigned to your account. This individual has extensive knowledge of the tax and legal issues that can impact your account and will work with your tax or legal professional.

  • Low trading costs

    Because of our size, we have institutional rates for buying and selling securities on your behalf. That savings is reflected in our fees.

  • Mutually rewarding

    Our advice is unbiased. That’s because our fees are based on the value of your portfolio, not transactions, so we have a real incentive to keep your investments performing well.

  • Service, not product

    We develop opinions and make decisions based on our research and your needs and goals, not on the fad investment of the month.

  • Experienced investment staff
    • All of our portfolio managers hold advanced degrees and/or the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) designation – considered the pinnacle designation in the investment field.
    • Our portfolio managers are dedicated full-time to the investment process, not selling others’ ideas.


How we invest your money

  • You and your local COUNTRY Financial representative will meet to discuss your goals, needs, time horizon, tolerance for risk and any special considerations you may have.
  • You and your financial representative, with your administrative specialist and portfolio manager, will use that information to determine your optimal asset allocation.
  • When you’re comfortable with all decisions, your money is invested based on that criteria.
  • Your portfolio manager will monitor your investments and make adjustments based on changes in your lifestyle and goals.


Investment services for all of your needs

What’s your situation? It makes a difference in how your money is invested. And investing your money gets more complicated when you have multiple goals. Your COUNTRY team has the expertise and experience to address your multiple goals and needs. We can investment your money in:

  • A non-retirement account. For example, money from an inheritance, sale or a business, retirement distribution, insurance proceeds, held by a foundation, or simply accumulated from dedicated saving.
  • An IRA  
  • A trust  


Count on COUNTRY

Free yourself from the headaches of following the markets, making investment decisions, and trudging through the endless paperwork. Let our portfolio managers simplify your life by handling your investment decisions for you.

Find a COUNTRY Financial representative near you to get both personal service and the comprehensive professional expertise of our investment team. 

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