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Life Insurance for Women

Whatever your situation may be it is important for all women to consider a Life Insurance Policy just for them

Women Lead Busy Lives

Whether you are a working woman, a stay-at-home mom or a single woman, sometimes it’s hard just keeping up. As you go through life, taking care of your day-to-day responsibilities, often you forget about another responsibility – life insurance. 

Of course you concentrate much of your life on caring for your family so you want to make sure that, should you die prematurely, they continue to be cared for. Life insurance will help accomplish that goal. Life coverage will help make sure that debts are paid, final expenses are covered, daycare expenses are handled, your children’s education is funded and your children and spouse can maintain their lifestyle, free from financial stress.

You're Unique -- Protect the Value You Bring to Your Family

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Women face so many unique challenges throughout their lives that can leave your family vulnerable, if you are not protected by life insurance:        

  • Longer life expectancy- women are likely to outlive their spouses
  • Single parenthood- if you are a single parent, life insurance is critical to making sure your children are properly cared for in case the worst happens
  • Entering and leaving the workforce to care for family- group coverage often ends with your employment and life insurance may not be immediately available any time you start with a new company or, perhaps, not offered at all
  • Relying on spouse’s group coverage through work or his personal policy- good protection if your spouse dies but what if you should die first? Also, your spouse's group coverage would likely end when your spouse’s employment ends, leaving you with no coverage
  • Divorce- can suddenly leave you without any form of life insurance

It’s true, your challenges, as a woman, are great but you can trust your COUNTRY Financial representative to give you straightforward, honest answers to your questions and help you determine the coverage that will best benefit you and your family. 

Find a COUNTRY Financial representative near you to find out how life insurance can address your unique needs.

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