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Home and renters insurance can bring financial security and peace of mind to you and your family.

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Know What's Protected

Having the right home insurance is important, because your home may be one of the biggest investments you ever make. Your COUNTRY Financial representative can help you get the home insurance coverage you need at an affordable price.

Home insurance from COUNTRY Financial provides coverage for:

  • Your house and other structures (like garages and storage sheds)
  • Your possessions
  • Your liability risks

Some common claims our home insurance can protect you for:

  • Fire or lightning
  • Theft or vandalism
  • Wind or hail
  • Freezing of plumbing
  • Spoilage of refrigerated products

Protecting Your Home

COUNTRY Financial has people that care.

Having replacement cost coverage on your home can help ensure you can afford the cost to rebuild. If your house is only insured for its market value, or if it’s insured for less than the cost to rebuild, you may not have enough coverage if your home is destroyed by fire or other disaster.

Since predicting rebuilding costs isn’t an exact science, COUNTRY Financial offers extra coverage on homes that qualify:

  • Extended Replacement Cost – extra coverage to rebuild your home, up to 120% of the limits on your policy
  • Additional Replacement Cost – extra coverage to rebuild your home, regardless of the limits on your policy (with a max of 125% in AL, GA and TN). COUNTRY is one of the few companies to offer this additional coverage.

And with any form of replacement cost coverage (standard, extended or additional), we’ll automatically increase the coverage on your home and belongings each year to keep up with inflation.

Protecting Your Stuff

Your personal belongings are generally protected as a percentage of your home’s value. And you can choose coverage for basic damage (like fire and lightning, wind, theft, etc.) or pay a little more to add broader coverage for problems  like power surges, paint spills and more.

Special items

Some items, like jewelry, guns, collectibles and computers, are only insured up to specific limits, depending on the type of claim you have.

It’s usually very affordable to insure items separately, and your deductible generally won’t apply to those items if you have a claim.

Inventory your stuff

To help the  process go quickly if you ever have a major claim, make a detailed list of your possessions ahead of time so you can easily provide a list of what you owned.

Household inventory completion tips:

  • Walk through your home and open every door, drawer and cabinet.
  • Create a detailed list of your belongings – the chart below has tools to help you create your list
  • Take photos or use a video camera to record your inventory.
  • Keep the inventory list and videos/photos safe once they are complete. Place them in your safe deposit box, fireproof safe or another secure off-site location.
  • Make a copy of the inventory list and review it with your financial representative. Work together to help make sure you have enough home insurance coverage to replace all the items in case of a disaster.

Checklist Options


Household inventory checklist (Microsoft Excel)

Fill in document with all pertinent information, save, and take a copy to safe deposit box or other off-site secure location.

Household inventory checklist (Microsoft Word)

Fill in document with all pertinent information, save and take a copy to safe deposit box or other off-site secure location.

Household inventory checklist (PDF)1

View and print this version, and fill in the information.

Interactive household inventory2 

Download this free software to your computer to complete this option

Liability and Medical Protection

Liability insurance helps protect you if: 

  • Someone is injured on your property
  • You’re responsible for damages to someone else’s property
  • You’re sued for those injuries or damages and have legal defense costs

 You can: 

  • Choose liability limits up to $1 million
  • Add optional liability coverages (for in-home businesses, recreational motor vehicles, watercraft, rental dwellings, etc.) for an additional cost
  • Add a personal umbrella liability insurance policy if you need more than $1 million in coverage

Medical Protection

Medical payments coverage can provide coverage for others’ medical costs if they’re injured on your property. You can choose up to $25,000 in coverage.

Protecting the Extras

We know everyone has different home insurance needs. So we offer extra coverage at an added cost for: 

  • Watercraft (like boats, jet skis and trailers)
  • Recreational Motor Vehicles (like ATVs, 4-wheelers and campers)
  • Identity theft
  • Earthquake damage
  • Unoccupied seasonal dwellings (like vacation homes and vacation rentals)
  • Sump pump failure and/or back-up of sewer or drain (for claims like basement damage)
  • Mine subsidence (for damage caused by underground mine collapse)3
  • Loss assessments from a homeowners association
  • Special personal property increased coverage (to increase coverage for items like jewelry, watches and silverware)

Did you know?

Home insurance doesn’t cover most flood damage. Talk to a COUNTRY Financial representative about getting flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Home Insurance Discounts

We want to provide you with quality home insurance at an affordable price. So we offer several home insurance discounts to help you save as much money as possible. (Availability and amount of discounts vary by state.)

Talk to your COUNTRY Financial representative to see if you qualify for: 

  • Multi-Policy Discount
  • Alarm Credit
  • Age of Wiring Discount4
  • Safe Heat Discount
  • Roof Discount5
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2 Insurance Information Institute's Free Home Inventory Software - Know Your Stuff!- 
3Available in IL only.
4Available in IA, MN, ND, and WI only.
5Not available in all states.