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Disability Income Insurance

Likelihood of experiencing a disability increases with age

Your ability to earn income is one of your most valuable assets so it makes sense to protect it. 

Imagine the emotional and financial stress that you and your family would face if you should become unable to work due to injury or illness. 

Disability income insurance from COUNTRY® Financial will provide a source of income to help you meet expenses that don’t stop when your paycheck does.  

If you have a family that depends on you for income, disability income insurance will help keep food on the table, utilities running, and other monthly expenses controlled. 

If you are a single person, you will also benefit from coverage. With your income as the only resource for paying your bills, disability income insurance will be there to help. 

Don’t assume that your employer offers disability coverage or that it is adequate for your needs.  

Some employers’ policies are limited to short term coverage, leaving you unprotected if you are disabled for a long time period. Relying on the government can also be risky, as some conditions are not approved for Social Security disability benefits due to strict guidelines and definitions of what qualifies as a disability.

With your income being so critical to keeping you and your family comfortable, make sure you protect it.  

A COUNTRY Financial representative would be happy to answer questions, provide more information about disability income coverage, and outline a policy that best benefits you and your family.

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Policy series: DI500 and DI550.  In Idaho, DI500(ID12/99) and DI550(ID12/99).