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Commercial Insurance

COUNTRY Financial offers a variety of business owner policies to meet your specific needs.

The bottom line - the right commerical insurance matters.

Businessowners policy

If you are a small business owner, chances are you have a lot on your mind. COUNTRY® Financial understands your need to protect your assets and has a solution for you. A Businessowners Policy gives you the protection you need in one easy-to-understand policy.

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Basic features include:

  • Loss or damage to buildings and business personal property
  • Loss of business income
  • Coverage for glass in buildings you own or rent
  • Loss to on-building signs
  • Pollutant clean-up and removal 

The policy provides comprehensive general liability coverage for your legal obligations resulting from bodily injury, property damage and personal or advertising injury to others.

You can also add additional features like computer coverage, earthquake coverage, and spoilage coverage. 

Commercial package policy

For medium or larger sized business, the Commercial Package Policy allows you to select coverages to fit your individual needs. The policy can grow and change with your business. There are valuable coverages built in to each category so that you are protected, as well as options to customize your protection. Our Commercial Package Policy allows larger and more complex businesses to acquire the specific insurance they need. All policies must include property and/or liability coverage.

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The Commercial Package Policy is most often used for larger businesses such as:

  • Apartments
  • Contractors
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • Service Companies

Workers’ compensation (Available only in IL)

It’s important to protect the well-being of your employees. But it’s also important to protect yourself and your business. Workers' Compensation insurance provides employers with:

  • A planned and budgeted insurance mechanism to pay for employee workplace injuries
  • Protection from lawsuits by injured employees
  • Liability coverage, in addition to the state workers' compensation benefits, to pay for and defend lawsuits by other parties impacted by an employee’s injury

Workers' Compensation Insurance is required by law for many employers in Illinois. The benefits provided for injured employees under Illinois law include medical expenses, disability income, death and rehabilitation benefits.

Commercial auto

Having all the right insurance to guard business against loss is a priority for you and for us. The ownership, maintenance or use of automobiles in your business creates risk of both property damage and injury. These risks are excluded in the property and general liability coverages, but they can be covered under commercial auto insurance.

Commercial umbrella

You've worked hard to make your business what it is today. As lawsuits and liability claims become more frequent, it’s necessary to consider a Commercial Umbrella policy. This policy provides coverage over and above the limits you currently have on your COUNTRY commercial or business policies. You should meet with a COUNTRY Financial representative to discuss how you can design an umbrella policy for your individual business needs.

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